About Our Studio

At NRG Ballroom, we strive to create an environment where energy equals passion; where effort erases excuses; and where every person can find the dancer within.

From the beginner, to the avid social dancer, to the seasoned competitor, NRG Ballroom will provide a challenging, yet supportive environment in which to improve your dance skills and expand your knowledge. Always focusing on a strong technical foundation on which to build, the champion level independent instructors at NRG Ballroom will ensure that your dance journey is positive and personalized to meet your dance goals.

Located in the space previously known as Paragon Dance Center, the studio is taking on a new look and energy under the NRG’s ownership as renovations are being made to update, upscale and uplift the space to promote a comfortable, creative and fun environment for the Phoenix dance community. Our 9,000 square foot facility, hosting one of the largest floating floors in Arizona, provides plenty of space in which to find what moves you or stirs your dance passion.

· Feel more comfortable in a crowd? There are group classes every night of the week in a variety of dance styles: ballroom, country, salsa, west coast swing and many more

· Prefer one-on-one, focused instruction? Private lessons with champion level instructors are available to satisfy the desire for more personalized and intensive learning

· Interested in meeting new people? Need to get up and off the couch? Join us for one of our social dance nights where dancers of all skill levels (and often some of our local professionals) gather to dance the night away and socialize
· Have children who are interested in dance? We are teaching tomorrow’s dancers today in our Next Generation Kids program with children as young as 3 years of age

· Looking to get or stay healthy? There’s no better overall form of exercise than dancing, especially partner dancing, to keep both the body AND mind active and in good shape

At NRG Ballrom, we pride ourselves on the quality of our instruction, our commitment to providing our students a positive, supportive, challenging and engaging environment in which to explore their personal dance journey, and our passion to make dance accessible to all.

Meet the Owners

The three partners of NRG Ballroom – Nikolay Kralev, Radomir Pashev and Gergana Slavova – came to the United States from Bulgaria. A common love of dance, a shared passion for teaching, and a mutual vision for how to foster creativity and dancer engagement both on and off the dance floor, brought them together in this venture – NRG Ballroom. The trio is making their mark on the Phoenix dance community by providing a broad spectrum of dance opportunities.

Nikolay Kralev

Radomir Pashev

Gergana Slavova

Meet the Instructors

Devorah Kastner

Robert Campos

Brigette Campos

Mark Thompson 

Luisa Alvarez

Mona Brandt

Laina Lee

Carrie McNeish 


Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: noon – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm
Ballroom Hours:
Sunday  – Thursday : 10am – 10pm
Friday/Saturday: 10am – 12am