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February 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd
Two great classes created for those who really want to excel in their dancing and improve their individual technique, posture, musicality and confidence. Every week we work on a different technique associated with the particular dance.

11am CHA CHA      12pm WALTZ

$10 per class ($5 for ASU students)
No partner required! All levels are welcome

Basics are the building blocks to help a dancer:
– Develop a strong foundation on which to expand your dance skills
– Breakdown the mechanics of proper technique
– Gain a broader understanding of how appropriately use your body to improve your balance, movement, power and grace on the dance floor


Why go “back” to basics?
– Basics are fundamental to everything else you will learn
developing correct “muscle memory” with proper technique allows you the freedom to expand your dance expression and build a broader repertoire on top of it
– The basics are like old best friends – never changing and always there – to support you as you improve, and available to revisit if you need reminding of how you started your relationship with dance


Common misconceptions:
– I don’t need basics anymore – I’m beyond that
you are NEVER BEYOND THE BASICS – the highest level dancers in every genre continually focus on basics to ensure their foundation is solid – to avoid injury, to guarantee proper technique, and to have a solid base on which to execute the more difficult, complicated and “show-stopping” movements of an advanced dancer

-Basics are boring…perhaps, for some, but they are essential
if you put the work into learning the basics and learning them well, they will become part of your dancing and you won’t have to “think” about them constantly

Basics – if done properly and with style – can be absolutely stunning in their purity and simplicity

I want to learn “fun” moves
“fun” moves are great, but if you don’t learn the mechanics of how to be a good leader/follower, how to hold your frame and how to move your body through basic and proper technique, you run the risk of hurting yourself or your partner