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Join us on Sundays at 4pm for a Belly Dance class with Tanya!

This class will take you through the basics and get you shimmying in no time! From swaying hips to graceful hand gestures, come celebrate the power and beauty of feminine. Whether you are looking for a fun way to get some exercise, or to develop serious dance skills, or just a new way to express yourself, this is a great class for you!

Belly dancing is a terrific workout that promotes good posture, strengthens core muscles, and helps you develop amazing coordination and control over your movement.

$10 per person. Open to the public!

Tanya Dimitrov has been a professional dancer for 20 years, and a choreographer for 9. She graduated from the National School of Dance Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, after which she visited Turkey, where she had the pleasure and honor to participate in several international shows with numerous tours and concerts in which she was featured in lead as well as solo roles. Tanya has performed with many dance performance groups, including: Hurrem Sultan Dance Company, Magic You Ney Dance Company, Sultans of Anatolia; Sultans of the Dance, Akademus, Kolours of Turkey, Lake of Dreams, and Love Seasons. She has traveled and performed widely abroad, including in: China, Canada, Cyprus, Turkey, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, and Bulgaria.