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EVERY 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month! Workshop, All-American Jack & Jill and Social!

8:00 PM: Fundamental/Intermediate Workshop
8:45 PM: Social or All-American J&J (Minimum 5 Couples)

$10 Social &/or x1 Workshop

DJ: Randy Odish

Special Notes:
– No partner required! New dancers welcome!
– FREE J&J Competition! FREE for newcomers! FREE for Juniors! (Ages 17-)
– Half-off for Adv./All Star Competitors (Must Social & Workshop)

WEST COAST SWING  is a “slot” dance where the partners move back and forth, changing places and interacting along a linear pattern on the floor.  This style allows for a lot of freestyling and innovation between partners, while using a basic footwork pattern a partnered dance chart. It is danced to both contemporary and blues music