Tips for private lessons or social dances

Wear comfortable clothing that breaths and stretches- dancing is a form of exercise. You may be surprised at the work out you will get!

Wear dance shoes if you have them, or wear shoes that are secure on your feet with straps or laces. No mules, flip flops or other footwear that may slip off or impair your balance, putting both you and your partners at risk for injury. Ensure they have non-marking soles.

Keep jewelry to a minimum. Big earrings, long necklaces, chunky bracelets or watches can get caught on your partner’s clothing or get in the way of your connection during your dancing- don’t risk damage to your favorite pieces or to yourself or your partner.

Keep long hair contained. You don’t want to risk getting it caught in jewelry or accidently pulled by your partner.

TIPS to prepare for your wedding package lessons

Wear comfortable shoes to your first lesson. Ensure that they are secure (no mules or flip flops) with non-marking soles. Also wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement. You may be surprised at the workout you will receive while dancing.
Bring your song selection to you first lesson. If you do not know what song you want to use, we are more than happy to make suggestions to fit your personality and the message you wish to relay.
Ladies- you will want to wear a skirt or a dress of the similar length and fullness as your wedding gown during at least one of the lessons, along with your wedding shoes, to practice in. Don’t wait till the day of the wedding!
Gentlemen- same goes for your shoes. Dress shoes feel very different on the dance floor than street shoes. You don’t want to get caught off guard.