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Mondays & Wednesdays
5pm Beginner Level
5:45pm Advanced Level
Ages: 5-14
$10 per class (10% discount if you register for the whole semester)
For info and registration contact:
nrgballroom@gmail.com / (480) 777 8877
Q: What will my child learn in these classes?
– Students will learn the basic steps to a variety of dances
– Students will learn cooperation, partnering and dance etiquette while interacting with peers
– Students will gain self-confidence and improved physical fitness through movement and musical expression
Q: What is the class format?
– Each class will start with a warmup to get young bodies prepared and minds focused
– Each dance style being taught will be broken down so that students can recognize what makes each dance unique and identify it by its count and distinct tempo
– Partnering skills (frame, different dance holds, lead and follow) will be taught
– Dance etiquette (respect for partners, manners on and off the floor, and proper physical and verbal communication with a partner) will be observed
Q: What does my child need to wear to Ballroom class?
– Dance shoes are recommended (we offer variety of styles at our NRG Boutique at the studio)
– Clothing should allow for comfortable movement
Boys – T-shirt (solid color) and pants are acceptable
Girls – dance skirts and leotards
– Hair should be put in a bun or a ponytail

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